Brand, Website, and Marketing collaterals for Westcode a future-oriented tech company in Germany. Meet Westcode. Enthusiastic about digital technologies, we are convinced that successful business comes from innovative ideas and see ourselves as a partner with excellent IT know-how and end-to-end responsibility.


Nagish lets you take phone calls using text instead of using voice. It is fast, intuitive, and free for deaf or hard of hearing people.We’ve worked on rebranding and setting a new visual identity for the brand and app.


YMC is a software engineering consultancy, helping digital projects succeed by fostering a progressive culture of learning with pure flexibility and openness to innovation. lerning with pure flexibility and openness to innovation.


Boringbits believe entrepreneurs shouldn’t need a background in finance to have better odds of success, as 1 in 3 business failures are due to poor financial management. Boring Bits want to change that and I have helped them build their new brand and website.

Areia Studio Swimwear

The studio.AREIA seeks to value the natural beauty of each woman and details that convey with delicacy values such as comfort and finishes. For the online store, we wanted to keep the brand identity and give the simplest and beautiful experience possible to the user. We designed the shopping experience for the user to feel sand in their toes and the sea breeze in their hears.